Isolation of Flavor Compounds from Natural Products Using an SFE-SFC Workflow

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Jacquelyn Runco
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Other Symposium
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In a supercritical fluid workflow, CO2 with or without the addition of an organic modifier, is used to extract (SFE) and purify (SFC) target compounds. The CO2 used as a solvent is safe and the extracts produced by this process are free from biological contaminants, have longer shelf life, high potency, and address major international concerns regarding residual solvent concentration.2 In this study, a complete SFE-SFC workflow will be demonstrated using the MV-10 ASFE system (MV-10) for extraction and the Prep 80a SFC System (SFC 80) for purification of two compounds; vanillin from whole vanilla beans and cinnamic acid from organic ground cinnamon. This workflow includes SFE method development, analytical method development, scale-up, purification, and fraction analysis. The process can be adapted to purify target compounds from a variety of natural products and matrices.

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