Investigating UPLC Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry: A New Approach to Authentication and Routine Screening of Ginsenoside Isomers in Functional Food Products

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M. McCullagh, R. Lewis, and D. Douce
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Globally, the popularity of nutraceutical and functional food products continues to increase. Functional food/natural product remedies are found in foods, roots, and herbs. Legislative focus has prompted the development of more methods to analyze active compounds in such products.

The screening assay presented here explores the use of UPLC separations (ACQUITY UPLC I-Class) with ion mobility mass spectrometry (SYNAPT G2-Si) and UNIFI data processing software as an analytical approach for the characterization of the distribution and content of mono-, di-, and tetra-glycosides in the raw material or processed products. In this case, the aim is to illustrate how the quality and potency of ginseng products can be determined.

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