Methodology for Characterization of Impurities in Crop Protection Products

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Dr. Marian Twohig and Dr. Peter Hancock
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On Demand Webinar
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The identification and quantification of impurities plays a critical role at all stages of the pesticide development and manufacturing processes, and are essential requirements for the registration of crop protection products. In this on-demand webinar, we present a methodology to streamline impurity detection and characterization using chromatographic separations in conjunction with a combination of UV and mass detection for the initial analytical profiling of a commercially available triazole fungicide. The addition of mass spectrometry as a detection technique adds confidence by providing orthogonal information to UV detection and additional structural information helping the elucidation of impurity unknowns. Further studies with high resolution mass spectrometry, using the efficient workflows found in the UNIFI Scientific Information System, facilitated the identification of relationships between the unknown components and the active ingredient. This case study will demonstrate the value of an analytical methodology that employs UltraPerformance chromatographic separations coupled with mass spectrometry to rationalize structurally related impurities in crop protection products, and serves as a valuable addition to the repertoire of analytical chemists in the agrochemicals industry.