Additional Ion Mobility Gases - Increasing the Flexibility of T-Wave Ion Mobility

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Jonathan Jones, Eleanor Riches, Michael McCullagh, Jonathan P. Williams, and Emma Marsden-Edwards
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White Papers

The high efficiency T-Wave ion mobility (IM) capability of the SYNAPT G2-Si High Definition Mass Spectrometry (HDMS) System provides an additional dimension of separation, based on molecular size, shape, and charge. The orthogonal separation afforded by IM separation dramatically increases the number of detectable and identifiable components in complex mixtures by rapidly separating molecules of the same mass-to-charge ratio, while also providing measurements related to their gas-phase conformation. Typically, these ion mobility measurements are made with nitrogen (N2) gas, but, by utilizing other gases, the IM resolution can be optimized. In this white paper, learn how the ability to substitute other ion mobility (IM) gases with the SYNAPT G2-Si can provide enhanced resolution, increased coverage, and improved confidence in measurements of complex mixtures.

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