Ultimate Resolution HPLC-Based Size Exclusion Chromatography for the Analysis of Small Proteins and Peptides Using 3.5 μm Ethylene Bridged Hybrid (BEH) Particles

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Susan Serpa, Hua Yang, Edouard S. P. Bouvier, and Stephan Koza
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The introduction of BEH SEC, 3.5 μm, HPLC-compatible columns with a pore-size of 125Å provides improved resolution SE-HPLC separations in comparison to traditional 5 μm silica-based particles. This characteristic, in combination with the chemical stability of BEH Technology™, provides outstanding column lifetimes. As part of the Waters® Protein Separation Family of columns, these columns are manufactured to rigorous tolerances and quality tested with relevant analytes. These HPLC separations are also directly scalable to SE-UPLC separations using 1.7 μm diameter BEH technology particles and narrower column internal diameters (4.6 mm I.D.), which have even greater resolution and samplethroughput when coupled with UPLC-capable chromatographic systems.

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