Applying a Novel Glycan Tagging Reagent, Rapi Fluor-MS, and an Integrated UPLC-FLR/QTof MS System for Low Abundant N-Glycan Analysis

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Ying Qing Yu
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LC/FLR analysis of N-glycans released from protein therapeutics is performed routinely in analytical laboratories around the world. For scientists who want to add MS characterization capability to their glycan analysis, they often struggle with low MS signals and poor quality MS/MS fragmentation for mass confirmation and structure elucidation using conventional FLR labels such as 2-AB and 2-AA. To address these challenges, Waters offers enabling technologies that include the novel RapiFluor-MS labeling chemistry for rapid glycan sample preparation, and a UPLC/FLR/QTof MS system controlled by UNIFI Scientific Information System. The improved FLR and MS sensitivity from the RapiFluor-MS label and the QTof MS with StepWave Technology allow confident identification and characterization of minor but critical glycoforms from mAbs.

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