Transferring RapiFluor-MS Labeled N-Glycan HILIC Separations Between UPLC and HPLC

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Stephan M Koza, Matthew A Lauber, and Kenneth J Fountain
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Alliance HPLC Bioseparations
Alliance HPLC Bioseparations

In the following work, we demonstrate that Glycan BEH Amide Columns packed with 1.7 μm and 2.5 μm particle sizes afford scalability between RapiFluor-MS labeled glycan separations performed under UPLC and HPLC-compatible conditions. Using standard LC method transfer principles to account for differences in particle diameter (dp), column length, and column internal diameter, we show that comparable chromatographic profiles and relative quantitation can be achieved with the larger particle size column at HPLC-compatible pressures, albeit with an increase in sample load, mobile phase use, and most importantly, analysis time.

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