Application Notebook: Food Testing Using the ACQUITY QDa Detector

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Rapid, reliable, and cost-effective methods are required by food manufacturers and ingredient suppliers in order to verify product consistency and ensure that label claims are met. LC-MS offers the opportunity to consolidate methods along with the ability to improve detector selectivity and reduce limits of quantification.

In order to offer laboratories the opportunity to capture the benefits of mass detection without the challenges associated with the adoption of mass spectrometers, recent advances in technology have focused on improving instrument usability and robustness. By providing easy access to the greater specificity afforded by mass detection, higher quality data from complex food samples can be acquired in shorter timeframes and may offer the opportunity for simplified sample preparation leading to greater laboratory productivity and efficiency.

In this compilation of application notes, learn how the addition of mass detection can enhance confidence in compound identification and increase detection selectivity in the analysis of food and beverages:

  • Food QC 
  • Food Supplements 
  • Sugars and Sweeteners 
  • Food Profiling/Authenticity
  • Beverage Analysis
  • Food Safety (Contaminants, Mycotoxins, Veterinary Drugs)


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