Evaluation of a LC/MS Method to Screen for Drugs in Post-Mortem Whole Blood Specimens

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Kevin Shanks, Tim Dahn, Andrea R. Terrell, P h.D., Jan Bohuslavek, P h.D.
AIT Laboratories, Indianapolis, IN; and Waters Corporation, Milford, MA
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Application Notes
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Toxicological screening of post-mortem whole blood specimens is routinely performed to help determine the cause of death. Traditionally, screening is performed using either GC/MS, immunoassays, or HPLC with UV detection. The evaluated library is comprehensive and includes the majority of compounds encountered in forensic toxicology laboratories in the USA and Europe. The automated software provided is easy to use and the ChromaLynx LC/MS method identified more components than the GC/MS method, in particular the LC/MS method was more effective at identifying polar and basic drugs such as benzodiazepines and opiates. The method uses a full scan spectra approach and therefore enables the use of lower cost single quadrupole technology. LC/MS technology provides an excellent additional tool for toxicology screening.

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