ACQUITY UPLC System for Third-Party Mass Spectrometry: Case Studies

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The ACQUITY UPLC® System has been instrumental in facilitating unprecedented improvements in all fields of analytical chemistry, none more so than in the area of LC/MS. Since its introduction, there have been hundreds of peer-reviewed papers and articles in the scientific literature, from sports medicine to drug discovery and environmental monitoring, the majority of which are LC/MS focused. In countless examples, ACQUITY UPLC’s sub-2 µm particle technology, low carryover, and reduced cycle times enabled extremely high-efficiency separations for improved resolution, sensitivity, and increased throughput.

Scientists quickly learned the value of ACQUITY UPLC to improve the performance of their mass spectrometers. Responding to the growing demand, Waters partnered with MS instrument manufacturers to provide seamless and direct integraton of with Applied Biosystems/MDS SCIEX, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Bruker Daltonics instruments. Increased peak concentrations with reduced chromatographic dispersion promote increased source efficiencies and vast improvements in MS sensitivity and spectral quality.

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