Determination of Nerve Agent Degradation Products in Drinking Water

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Waters Corporation
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methylphosphonic acid; ethyl methylphosphonic acid; isopropyl methylphosphonic acid; isobutyl methylphosphonic acid; cyclohexyl methylphosphonic acid; pinacolyl methylphosphonic acid; benzilic acid
10069219 XBridge C18 3.5 µm 2.1 x 150 mm
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Nerve agents are among the most lethal of chemical warfare agents.  In particular, the G-series nerve agents are of a concern due to their toxicity (LD50 human for GB = 25 mg/kg, GD = 5 mg/kg, GF = 5 mg/kg)1, their environmental persistence (hydrolysis half-life of 1-3 days)2, their accessibility, and their recent use in Iraq3 and Japan4.  The potential use of these agents by terrorist organizations is of real concern and the ability to counter such attacks requires recognizing possible deployment scenarios, including the poisoning of drinking water supplies. 

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