MaxPeak High Performance Surfaces Technology Improves HILIC Profiling of Released N-Glycans

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Xiaoxiao Liu, Matthew A. Lauber
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Application Notes
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Application Notes
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The innovative MaxPeak High Performance Surfaces Technology is used for various column chemistry to improve chromatographic performance, including the HILIC mode separation of glycans with the ACQUITY Premier Glycan BEH Amide Column. Improved glycan chromatographic recoveries and a new level of out-of-box performance, which is most pronounced for acidic glycans, were illustrated in this application note. More accurate profiling of released glycans can be easily achieved and tedious column conditioning and passivation procedures can be circumvented. Additionally, these columns can facilitate the recovery of challenging phosphorylated glycans and provide improved reproducibility for the retention times of sialylated glycans. As a result, released glycan profiling LC-MS assay is more robust, which is becoming more critical as protein therapeutics with increasingly complex glycan profiles emerge from the development pipeline.

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