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Staying competitive in the laboratory-based business takes more than just good practices and compliance. Today’s market requires businesses to better understand their labs, improve efficiencies, and remove bottlenecks in the workflow. To do this, organizations are rapidly seeking to harness the hidden knowledge in their most critical asset—their data. By leveraging Empower Data Science Link (EDSL), powered by TetraScience’s cloud-native architecture, data are easily extracted, uploaded to the Cloud, and harmonized. Thus, data can be easily accessible by advanced data science applications and tools, which eliminates hours spent manually wrangling data and allows insights to be derived at scale.

This article provides an overview of what data science is, how data science can be applied to Empower data, and how EDSL works with Waters Empower Chromatography Data System (CDS) to improve business decisions made in the laboratory. Case studies on how data science can be applied to Empower generated data to improve business decisions in the laboratory are also discussed.

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