Recent Developments in Microfluidic Chip-Based Separation Devices Coupled to MS for Bioanalysis

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Shu-Ling Lin, Tzuen-Yeuan Lin & Ming-Ren Fuh
Soochow Universoty, Future Science (fsg)
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2015   Volume:   2013, Vol. 5, No. 20   Page(s):   2567-2580
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Discovery Bioanalysis

In recent years, the development of microfluidic chip separation devices coupled to MS has dramatically increased for high-throughput bioanalysis. In this review, advances in different types of microfluidic chip separation devices, such as electrophoresis- and LC-based microchips, as well as 2D design of microfluidic chip-based separation devices will be discussed. In addition, the utilization of chip-based separation devices coupled to MS for analyzing peptides/proteins, glycans, drug metabolites and biomarkers for various bioanalytical applications will be evaluated.

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DOI 10.4155/bio.13.196