Set-off of non volatile compounds from printing inks in food packaging materials and the role of lacquers to avoid migration

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Margarita Aznara, Celia Domeño, Cristina Nerína, Osvaldo Bosettib
Science Direct
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Journal Citations
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Inks are commonly used in food packaging materials and therefore, migration of ink components to food must be studied. Migration from different multilayer materials containing inks to 2 food simulants (ethanol 95% and to Tenax®) was performed, the effect of ink transference and how it was affected by the presence of lacquers in the material was studied. A total of 17 migrants coming from inks due to a set-off phenomena were found in migration from multilayer material [ink/PET/aluminum/polyethylene]. The number of migrants decreased dramatically when a lacquer was added [lacquer/ink/PET/aluminum/polyethylene] and especially when ink was placed under a PET layer [lacquer/PET/ink/aluminum/polyethylene]. Some new migrants appear by the reaction between ink and lacquer. In material [ink/paper/OPP/Al/PE], when a lacquer was added some migrants decreased but other migrants present both in lacquer and ink increased.

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