From Whiteboard to Reality – How the Start-up Bioanalytical CRO Pushes the Boundaries to Hit the Ground Running

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Alderly Analytical and Waters Corporation
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On Demand Webinar
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Ultra High Sensitivity Bioanalysis

Event Overview:

In the crowded CRO landscape, being successful means addressing service gaps that can be filled by smaller, dynamic and more flexible organizations. New start-ups need to fully survey products and technologies, and capitalize on those that will allow them to differentiate and to position themselves competitively. This is the story of Alderley Analytical's journey from concept to a state-of-the-art GLP-compliant bioanalytical CRO.


  • Elizabeth (Liz) Thomas, Co-Founder and CEO, Alderley Analytical Ltd
  • Sally Hannam, Co-Founder and Director of Science, Alderley Analytical Ltd

What will you learn?

  • Challenges of getting a bespoke bioanalytical CRO off the ground
  • Strategies for customizing regulated workflows for quantitative mass spectrometry
  • New perspectives for negotiating the minefield of regulatory requirements
  • Why the bioanalytical CRO partnership with Waters works

Who should attend?

  • Pharmaceutical and CRO Directors, Scientists and Laboratory Managers focused on small and large molecules in regulated bioanalysis
  • Entrepreneurial-minded scientists
  • Anyone looking to expand or invest in a new lab

This webinar was hosted live on September 16th 2014 by BioanalysisZone.