Xevo TQ-XS Instrument Capabilities

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Xevo® TQ-XS is an advanced benchtop tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer which expands the scope of ultimate sensitivity analysis. It features StepWave XS™ ion transfer optics delivering enhanced sensitivity, robustness, and reliability; passively removing gas load and undesirable neutral contaminants while actively transferring ions into the mass analyzer.

Sensitivity benefits are more accessible as the Xevo TQ-XS also features a tool-free probe design which allows users much easier maintenance, optimization and improved reproducibility between operators. Method transfer onto the Xevo TQ-XS is made simple by the Xtended Dynamic Range (XDR™) detector which allows six orders of linear dynamic range. Wider compound coverage without changing ionization technique is delivered by the revolutionary UniSpray™ source option.

In addition to these benefits, users can combine quantitative MRM with qualitative MS data acquisition through RADAR™ and confirm low levels of compounds using ScanWave™ enhanced Product Ion Confirmation scanning. The MassLynx® software supporting this instrument ensures that automated system optimization, status monitoring, results review, and reporting is a smooth process using IntelliStart™ and TargetLynx XS.™

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