Batch-to-Batch Robustness of MaxPeak Premier Columns for the Analysis Dexamethasone Phosphate and Related Compounds

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Fadi L. Alkhateeb, Paul D. Rainville
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Pharmaceutical Discovery

An Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography method that uses an Arc Premier System with MaxPeak Premier Columns was used to evaluate the batch-to-batch reproducibility of multiple columns. Different batches of both the construction material and the packing material of MaxPeak Premier XBridge BEH C18 and XSelect HSS T3 were studied. Results showed that MaxPeak Premier Columns were very reproducible when used for the analysis of a mixture of metal chelating and non-metal chelating compounds. Various chromatographic parameters including relative retention time, critical pair resolution, and peak area were all investigated for reproducibility on the different columns. The columns showed excellent reproducibility for all the studied chromatographic parameters. For example, the %RSD for the peak areas for all peaks was always in the range of 0.1%–5.6% for all analytes. These findings indicate that the batch to batch reproducibility of MaxPeak Premier Columns is very high and these columns are very robust.

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