Recovery of Metal-Sensitive Analytes on the Arc Premier Solution: System-to-System Reproducibility and a Multi-System Comparison to Conventional LC

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Will Martin, Dhvani Shah, Chris Grzonka, Anthony Dovell, Zhimin Li, Paula Hong, Iva Turyan, Jason Dyke
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The Arc Premier Solution demonstrates superior system-to-system reproducibility, while also giving improved precision and sensitivity relative to conventional LC systems for phosphorylated compounds known to be metal sensitive. The peak area differences were most prominent at low concentrations of the analytes, where adsorption onto conventional LC technology significantly impacted recovery of the analyte. The data indicates the ability of the Arc Premier Solution to consistently produce repeatable results for a wide range of analytes over many injections, while also providing confidence that system-to-system reproducibility will ensure that each system will give the same result.

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