Seamless Method Transfer and Migration Between Instruments: Replicating an Aspirin and Related Substances Method on an Arc HPLC System

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Margaret Maziarz, Paul D. Rainville
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Early Stage Development

The Arc HPLC System successfully replicated the assay method for related substances of aspirin active ingredient run on the Agilent 1260 Infinity II and Alliance HPLC systems. The chromatographic separation, relative retention times values, system suitability and related substances assay results produced on the Arc HPLC System met the acceptance criteria.

Overall, the Arc HPLC System easily accepts and replicates existing LC methods from a variety of platforms, producing equivalent test results without compromising method integrity. This eliminates the need to change and revalidate existing methods and remains in compliance with regulatory guidelines as the asset replacement does not require any adjustment which might be considered a method change. The Arc HPLC is a modern instrument that delivers powerful performance, high injection precision, low carryover, and high backpressure tolerance. 

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