Analysis of Antibody siRNA Conjugate Using BioAccord System

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Henry Shion, Catalin E. Doneanu, Ed Ha, Ying Qing Yu, Weibin Chen
Waters Corporation, Angiex, Inc.
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Technical Notes
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Two LC-MS methods were developed to confirm 1) the identity of the siRNA (sense and antisense strand) and 2) the distribution of antibody-siRNA molecules in a sample via native SEC-MS. An analytical scale ACQUITY UPLC I-Class PLUS with a bench top ToF mass detector (ACQUITY RDa) was used to develop and optimize both method and workflows. Both methods are simple to execute without much optimization on the BioAccord System. The compliant ready software used for method development adds additional benefits, such as improved efficiency and potential support of method transfer from development to QC lab.

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