A Comparison of PREMIER Columns with MaxPeak HPS Technology versus PEEK-lined Column Hardware

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Maureen DeLoff
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PREMIER columns featuring MaxPeak High Performance Surfaces (HPS) Technology have enabled significant gains in recovery, resolution, and peak shape for metal sensitive analytes. The hybrid organic/inorganic technology of MaxPeak HPS offers a barrier to analyte-metal adsorption, granting improvements in anionic or electron-rich analyte recoveries. While this may also be true of PEEK-lined stainless-steel column hardware, it comes at the expense of inferior column efficiency and peak shape, higher column backpressure, and more column-to-column variability than MaxPeak HPS hardware.

PREMIER columns with MaxPeak HPS Technology offer the benefits of excellent recovery of metal sensitive analytes, combined with the highest column efficiencies and column-to-column reproducibility of commercially available inert column offerings.

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