QuanOptimize: A Software Tool that Enables Rapid, Consistent, and Accurate MRM Method Development for Large Numbers of Small Molecule Analytes

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Nikunj Tanna
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Discovery bioanalytical laboratories routinely develop methods for hundreds of compounds per week to support the various programs in their pipeline. Developing methods for each of these compounds individually can be time-consuming and tedious. Since the approach to small molecule method development is well understood, automation of this process is desirable. QuanOptimize automates the MRM method development for large sets of compounds. It can store the final method parameters to a database, automatically run sample lists using the optimized method, create data processing methods, and generate quantitative result with the click of a single button. QuanOptimize ensures consistent quality of methods across multiple users, reduces sample consumption and saves time by up to 5-fold.

Here, we discuss the use of QuanOptimize to develop methods for a set of 18 small molecule compounds using generic tune page and LC methods.

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