LipidQuan for Comprehensive and High-Throughput HILIC-based LC-MS/MS Targeted Lipid Quantitation

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Giorgis Isaac, Nyasha Munjoma, Lee Gethings and Rob Plumb
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Application Notes
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Application Notes
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This application note describes a high-throughput quantitative and comprehensive HILIC method for the analysis of polar and non-polar lipid classes in plasma.

  • This research based method enables the separation of 16 polar and non-polar lipid classes in 8 minutes making it suitable for the lipidomics analysis of large sample sets.
  • A total of 508 lipid species are identified and quantified from the NIST plasma (261 positive mode injection and 247 negative mode injection).
  • The method was shown to be linear over 4-orders of magnitude and had sufficient sensitivity to allow for the analysis of lipids at systemic levels in human plasma.
  • Employing HILIC-based chromatography allowed lipids to elute according to class, thereby reducing potential isomeric/isobaric interferences and the number of stable label isotopes required for quantification, leading to cost reductions.
  • The simple download of the LipidQuan Quanpedia method file allows for a robust and easy to deploy platform reducing method development and training cost.

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