Integrating Ion Mobility into Routine Metabolite Identification Studies Using the Vion IMS QTof Mass Spectrometer

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Jayne Kirk, Russell Mortishire-Smith and Mark Wrona
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Application Notes
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Application Notes
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Vion IMS QTof Ion Mobility Quadrupole Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometry

This application note outlines and focuses on the benefits and the ease of use of ion mobility for the application of metabolite identification.

Ion mobility data independent mode of acquisition (HDMSE) provides a mechanism to clean up and resolve metabolite data. HDMSE approaches provide fast, high quality datasets in a routine and efficient manner. The examples shown have highlighted benefits including generating the highest quality data possible with cleaner spectra for 1) the removal of matrix interference, 2) co-elution of metabolites, and 3) tracking isobaric metabolites under different chromatographic conditions using the automatically generated CCS values.

Waters Metabolite Identification Application for UNIFI in combination with ion mobility separation redefines the way that users can interact with data collected in drug metabolism studies. By incorporating ion mobility in a routine manner it is possible to reduce labor and time intensive data interrogation, ultimately providing clarity and confidence to datasets and system productivity to laboratories.

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