Tobacco Analysis Solutions for Regulatory Compliance and Research

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Tobacco laboratories face numerous scientific and operational challenges to meet the demands of growing regulatory requirements. Tobacco testing requires the analysis of trace constituents in complex natural product and smoke matrices. Laborious sample cleanup procedures are often deployed in order to achieve these requirements. Robust methods for regulatory reporting, quality control and screening for contaminants in raw materials and finished products are also necessary to ensure product safety. Several priority toxicants have been identified in tobacco and smoke emissions that need to be accurately measured for regulatory compliance. In addition, tobacco product standards are being established worldwide to reduce or eliminate the levels of additives and toxicants in tobacco and smoke to reduce health risks. The development of robust and reliable analytical methods for the analysis of tobacco products is critical to global tobacco harm reduction initiatives.

Due to the lack of standardized methods for measurement of several constituents in tobacco products, stakeholders from the industry, CROs, regulatory bodies, and standardization groups (CORESTA and ISO TC/126), are collaborating to build regional and global capacity for tobacco product testing and development of international standards. Reference tobacco products and proficiency testing programs are being implemented to ensure consistency and comparability of data reported by tobacco laboratories. Accurate and high quality data from analysis of various tobacco products is essential for monitoring regulatory compliance and to meet product labeling requirements.

By integrating analytical standards,reagents, columns, sample preparation products, chromatography, mass spectrometry, data management and informatics software, Waters provides analytical solutions to address challenging applications. Waters is committed to enable the development of new methods to meet product legislative requirements.

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