Advancing Translational Research with LC-MS Innovations

Will Thompson and Karen Dobos
Biocompare and Waters Corporation
On Demand Webinar

Presented by:

  • Will Thompson, PhD, Assistant Director, Research Assistant Professor Proteomics and Metabolomics Core Facility, Duke University
  • Karen Dobos, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology and Associate Director, Office of Research Integrity and Compliance Review, Colorado State University

Interest in LC-MS for clinical and biomedical research has grown significantly in recent years, where mass spectrometry has been used extensively for basic research and biomarker discovery. Today we are also seeing increased use of mass spectrometry for biomarker verification or targeted studies on specific biomarkers. Improved hardware and informatics tools have been developed which have now made the transition from basic research to clinical research a smoother and faster one. ionKey/MS, a novel micro fluidics device in combination with high resolution mass spectrometry and tandem quadrupole mass spectrometry, is one of these major developments.

In this webinar, two leading scientists share examples of using LC-MS for small molecule biomarker discovery and quantitation, specifically investigating methionine depletion in disease states and protein biomarker analysis, leading to improved Tuberculosis diagnosis.

In this webinar you will:

• Learn how ionKey/MS can be used for both Metabolomics discovery and quantitation on different mass spectrometer platforms

• Better understand micro-fluidics and how it can be a powerful tool for protein quantitation in a biomarker study to aid research and improve disease diagnosis

• See how mass spectrometry can help to better understand disease mechanism and disease diagnosis


Watch the on-demand video: