Impurity Evaluation of Heparin Sodium by Anion Exchange Chromatography

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Catalin E. Doneanu, Weibin Chen, John C. Gebler
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Application Notes
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10094145 Spherisorb 5µm 4.0 x 250 mm
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Alliance HPLC Bioseparations

The combination of the Alliance Bioseparation module with the SpherisorbSAX column is an ideal system for the separation and quantification of heparin and OSCS. It enables rapid, sensitive, and high-resolution separations, and generates data for the evaluation and determination of heparin purity. The wide linear dynamic range in conjunction with the superior separation of the system makes it well suited for quantitative impurity analysis. OSCS at 1% of heparin concentration is readily detected by the system.The result demonstrates that the system is well poised to be applied to determine whether OSCS exists as an adulterant to the heparin API.

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