ACQUITY UPLC/PDA: UV Filter Agents and Preservatives

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Peter J. Lee, Richard Mendelsohn, and Alice J. Di Gioia
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Application Notes
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UV filter agents and preservatives are widely used in a broad range of applications including cosmetics and personal care products, household products, plastics, paints, inks, and adhesives.

Worldwide government regulations and guidelines impact labeling, composition and registration of personal care, cosmetics and packaging products. It benefits both the chemical manufacturers of UV filter agents and the formulators to verify the identity and purity of these organic UV filters.

Preservatives, the biocides used in cosmetics and personal care products help to prevent bacteria, mold, and other contaminants. To protect the environment and human health, many countries regulate biocide use. With common preservatives such as parabens coming under greater scrutiny due to regulatory and consumer perception issues, manufacturers find themselves defending the use of these additives or searching for substitutes.

This application note describes a seven-minute separation and identification of nine structurally similar UV filter agents and preservatives using the ACQUITY UPLC/PDA System with Empower 3 CDS Software and library matching.

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