MS Imaging with MS – Video Series

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Jose Castro-Perez
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Mass Spectrometry Imaging (MSI) is a powerful tool that allows molecular visualization and spatial distribution of biomarkers, metabolites, proteins, and peptides to help further the understanding of disease progression, and the effect of treatment. In this multi-chapter video, Jose Castro-Perez – PhD, Director of Health Sciences Marketing for Waters Corporation – presents a thorough overview of this rapidly growing technique and how it is being used in mass spectrometry, biomedical, and pathology scientific communities. Dr. Castro-Perez discusses how the powerful combination of MS Imaging, ion mobility separation, and collision cross section detection can help researchers find answers to complex biological questions in the quest to conquer disease.

Chapter 1: Introduction

In this opening chapter, Dr. Castro-Perez sets the stage for a discussion on molecular imaging by mass spectrometry, and where ion mobility separation mass spectrometry can add significant benefits.

Chapter 2: What is Ion Mobility and CCS?

In this chapter, Dr. Castro-Perez describes the concept of ion mobility and collision cross section detection. Next, he explains the significant benefits of providing additional separation in the mass spectrometer to increase mass resolution and mass accuracy, and to enable better identification of molecules in complex samples.

Chapter 3: Examples of Ion Mobility and CCS

In this chapter, Dr. Castro-Perez shares the typical workflow for tissue sample analysis, and details how ion mobility can be used to simplify data visualization and interpretation.

Chapter 4: Data Processing

Here, Dr. Castro-Perez discusses how data analysis and processing is handled with the Progenesis QI and High Definition Imaging (HDI) Analysis Software packages. He then explains how identification is carried out using accurate mass, isotopic distribution, and CCS data.

Chapter 5: Conclusion

In the conclusion, Dr. Castro-Perez discusses Mass Spectrometry Imaging as a powerful tool that allows molecular visualization and spatial distribution of biomarkers, metabolites, proteins, and peptides. He details how this technology – when used with techniques such as Ion Mobility separation and coupled with powerful software such as HDI and Progenesis QI – enables researchers to answer complex research questions.