Determination of Lasalocid and Tylosin at Therapeutically Relevant Levels in Animal Feed Using UPLC-MS

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Mohammed S. Ahmed (1), Jeff Bieszki (2), and Jason S. Kong (1)
(1) Ohio Department of Agriculture and (2) Waters
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Application Notes
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Application Notes
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U.S. feed regulatory laboratories are tasked with protecting against consumer fraud by ensuring “Truth in Labeling.” These laboratories utilize analytical methods distributed by AOAC INTERNATIONAL (Official Methods of Analysis) and other publications to perform analytical testing, especially in regards to permitted veterinary drugs supplemented into animal feed.

Current official HPLC methods use different types of detectors or attachments such as PDA, FLD, RI, or post-column derivitization for testing individual types of compounds. There is no unified multi-analyte approach for the determination of veterinary drugs. Traditional methods are also challenged by newer feed formulations that may result in more complex matrices, which can lead to chromatographic peaks that cannot be easily integrated or separated from interfering matrices. However, typical feed testing does not necessarily require the level of sensitivity available with high-end MS systems.

In this collaborative application note with the Ohio Department of Agriculture, we demonstrate as a proof-of-concept a comparison of two veterinary drugs, lasalocid and tylosin, analyzed through a traditional HPLC-PDA and UPLC-MS (mass detection).

We show that the ACQUITY QDa Detector makes implementation of mass detection possible for any LC laboratory, providing:

  • Superb detection selectivity as compared to UV/Vis and fluorescence detection

  • Unambiguous quantification of feed supplements at low levels

  • Simpler sample preparation protocols from complex matrices

  • A cost-effective and easy-to-use approach for feed regulatory analysts to use for label claim verification


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