LIMS vs. LMS: Defining the Future of Laboratory Informatics

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The first commercial Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) were intended for sample management, which, until about 30 years ago, had been tracked with pencils and paper.

As a tool for linking the laboratory to the business, LIMS has served a useful role in the operations of many corporations, even as it has placed a burden on users to key in data. After three decades in the marketplace, one might expect that LIMS solutions would be as widely and fully deployed enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

However, that is not generally the case. Primarily for reasons of cost and complexity, many organizations have been unable to undertake a full-scale LIMS implementation.

Meanwhile, considerable progress has been made in the development of non-LIMS software products that offer varying amounts of LIMS functionality. At the top of that list is the Laboratory Management System (LMS), the first solution to offer a real alternative to LIMS.

This white paper clearly spells out the differences between LIMS and LMS technologies to help laboratories understand determine which solution will meet current and future needs.

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