Methodology for the Identification of Pesticide Metabolites in Complex Matrices Using UPLC-ToF/MS(E) and the UNIFI Scientific Information System

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Marian Twohig, Michael O’Leary, and Gareth Cleland
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Application Notes
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Application Notes
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Regulatory agencies require extensive documented and audited studies concerning the benefits and possible risks of using crop protection products before product registration can occur. Manufacturers must provide evidence of the potential human health and environmental effects. One such example includes the metabolic fate of the active ingredient(s) of a new product and the effects that potential metabolites can have on the overall environmental or human toxicity. Therefore, the accurate measurement of metabolites is important to assess the risk of exposure and to provide thorough product risk assessment. In this application note, we describe a comprehensive approach to metabolite identification in complex matrices using UPLC and high resolution mass spectrometry in conjunction with the UNIFI Scientific Information System in order to streamline the registration of new crop protection products.

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