Characterizing of the Natural Product Goldenseal using Cortecs 2.7 μm Columns and ACQUITY QDa Detection

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Kenneth D. Berthelette, Thomas Swann, and Kenneth J. Fountain
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Application Notes
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Application Notes
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 Natural product herbal supplements are widely used as remedies for physical ailments. Depending on sample origin and processing, product composition can range widely in the number, type, and amount of natural product compounds present. As consumers become increasingly concerned about the side effects of chemicals used in cosmetics and personal care products, the use of natural herbal plants in cosmetics and personal care products is growing in demand.

Goldenseal is a plant native to southeastern Canada and the northeastern United States. Traditionally, it has been used to support digestion, mucous membranes, bile secretions, and many other bodily functions, as well as a topical treatment.

Natural product analysis and characterization can be a difficult process due to the complex nature of the sample. Gathering fast and reliable data is essential for characterization of complex samples, such as Goldenseal.

In this application note, a simple HPLC separation of five sources of Goldenseal was performed in five minutes, and seven compounds were identified. Each sample was analyzed using a CORTECS C18+, 2.7 μm, 3.0 x 50 mm Column on an Alliance HPLC System with both UV and an ACQUITY QDa Detector in order to get fast and reliable mass data for peaks present in the sample, providing additional and crucial information for the characterization of the Goldenseal samples.

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