Analytical HPLC to Preparative HPLC: Scale-Up Techniques using a Natural Product Extract

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Andrew Aubin and Ronan Cleary
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Application Notes
SunFire C18 5 um 4.6x50 mm column (186002557) SunFire C18 5 um 10x50 mm column (186002561) SunFire C18 5 um OBD 19x50 mm column (186002566) SunFire C18 5 um OBD 30x50 mm column (186002570)
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Using the Waters AutoPurification System, separation methods can be developed on an analytical scale and transferred to preparatory scale on the same system, reducing a laboratory's overall capital investment. Here we illustrate a systematic approach to scale-up using the separation of Kudzu (Pueraria lobata) root extract to move from a 4.6 mm I.D. analytical column separation through 10, 19, and 30 mm I.D. preparatory column separations. The Waters OBD Prep Calculator is featured.

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