Screening of Commercial Vanilla Extracts for Authenticity using the Breeze 2 Modular HPLC System

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Tanya Jenkins and Michael Waite
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Application Notes
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Application Notes
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Breeze 2 HPLC

This application note describes a fast chromatographic method fit for the screening of vanilla extract authenticity. The method has a run time of 5 minutes and demonstrates excellent precision (injection-to-injection, intra-day, and inter-day), linearity, and carryover. A total of 19 commercial extracts were screened including pure, blended, and artificial extracts originating from seven different countries. To test for authenticity the secondary component 4-hydroxybenzaldehyde was quantified and compared to the amount of vanillin. The extracts were also screened for the presence of coumarin. The method was developed on the Waters® Breeze™ 2 HPLC System. This modular system is perfect for routine HPLC analysis particularly for laboratories that require a simple to use chromatographic system.

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