Rapid Analysis of 25 Common Polymer Additives

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Peter J. Lee and Alice J. Di Gioia (Waters)
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Application Notes
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Application Notes
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Most commonly, the analysis of polymer additives in a final product is performed using solvent extraction followed by high performance liquid chromatography. For QC, additive analysis can sometimes be performed in the uncured resin. Typical analysis time using conventional HPLC is approximately 20 to 40 minutes.14-19 This Technical Note describes a 3.5 minute run time method for characterizing 25 common polymer additives using ACQUITY TQD system. TargetLynx Application Manager was set up to automate quantification.

This note illustrates application of the bench top tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer in full scan and multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) modes. An MS detector operated in full scan mode adds particular value when handling unknown polymer samples such as in competitive product analysis and patent infringement assessment. The benefit of constructing an MS/MS library for unambiguous identification of polymer additives as well as rapidly screening and quantifying targeted additives from complex standard mixtures is illustrated.

This single technique meets the requirements of a rapid, easy, unambiguous test when any combination of 25 common additives must be examined. The capability of using one methodology can facilitate workflow at QC labs, assist in competitive product deformulation, product troubleshooting, additive migration tests, and regulatory compliance. The testing method may help manufacturers avoid product recalls and liability litigation while protecting public health.

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