Biopharmaceutical Applications Notebook: A Focus on Protein Therapeutics

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Waters Corporation
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Biotherapeutics require extensive characterization to achieve regulatory approval, implement manufacturing improvements, and defend intellectual property.

Waters offers innovative and powerful LC, MS, and software tools for characterizing biopharmaceuticals. Our solutions are designed specifically to provide more accurate results and simplify your analysis – thereby increasing your productivity.

In this compilation of 84 application notes, we highlight a variety of Waters applications that address the unique challenges of analyzing protein therapeutics:

  • Intact protein mass analysis
  • Peptide mapping
  • Informatics for biopharmaceuticals
  • Glycan & glycopeptide analysis
  • Higher order structure
  • Amino acid & media analysis
  • Related protein & peptide analyses

Click the link to download the pdf (35 MB) or order a printed copy using the link below. Individual application notes can be found under the Applications tabs in our Biopharmaceutical solutions area.

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