The Importance of Business Continuity in Today's Laboratory

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Zach Brennick, Lori Takalo, Charlie Wakeham, Larry Mugavero, Tracy Hibbs, Neil Lander
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White Papers

In today’s fast-moving and patient-centric markets, laboratory-based businesses need to plan how to keep critical processes running in the event of a disaster. Both natural and man-made disasters can result in halted operations, financial loss, or in worst-case scenarios, failure of the business. This paper will highlight an example of how companies can reduce the fallout of a disaster by having a BCP with appropriate hardware and software, and the recommended steps to secure future business continuity.

Waters™ Laboratory Acquisition and Control/Environment (LAC/ETM) devices can play a significant role in a company’s business continuity planning strategy. They allow connected instrumentation to be controlled locally by Empower™ Chromatography Data System (CDS), helping to diminish the risks associated with a short-term unplanned outage and allowing the current acquisition to complete.

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