High Sensitivity Mass Spectrometry: The Analytical Tool for Quantitative Analysis

M. Roberts, D. Foley. K.J. Rosnack

The ability to quantify compounds at the molecular level is a critical step in the decision-making process for many scientists today. Whether you are analyzing small or large molecules, single analytes, or multiple panels of compounds, in most cases a tandem (triple) quadrupole mass spectrometer is the quantitative tool of choice. New developments in tandem (triple) quadrupole mass spectrometry demonstrate excellent quantitative performance, including a novel ionization technique that provides wider compound coverage and improved ionization efficiency.

The technology incorporated into the Xevo TQ-XS tandem (triple) quadrupole mass spectrometer demonstrates improved sensitivity that is reproducible for multiple injections despite complex sample matrices. The novel ion source, UniSpray, provides results for a wider range of compounds in a single analysis without the need to change the ion source or probe. This analytical tool allows analysts to carry out reproducible quantitative analyses and reach lower limits of quantitation.

Download this executive summary of a webinar we hosted on tandem quadrupole mass spectrometry technology, published by LCGC, or watch the webinar on demand.

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