Improving the Analysis of Triazole Fungicides in Wheat Straw Samples using UniSpray Ionization with ACQUITY UPC2

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Jane Cooper and Marian Twohig
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When a crop protection active ingredient contains one or more stereogenic centers the enantioselective behavior must be studied as it is known that enantiomers can exhibit different bioactivities. Analytical methods that are, used to evaluate the influence of stereochemistry on degradation dynamics, environmental fate, and final residue levels, help to establish a more accurate risk assessment of crop protection products.

UniSpray is a novel ionization source with a simplified probe design that can be used for broader compound coverage. It offers greater ionization efficiency, comparable robustness and linearity to ESI, and spectra comparable with current ionization modes. Having the ability to screen for a broader range of compounds, with increased ionization efficiency offers increased scope during method development. 

This technology brief, evaluates the potential of Waters UniSpray source coupled with the ACQUITY UPC2 System and Xevo TQ-XS Mass Spectrometer, versus ESI to improve peak response, repeatability and signal-to-noise (S/N), considering the analysis of triazole fungicides as a model.


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