Making Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry Routine Whitepaper

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The combination of ion mobility (which separates ions based on size and shape) and mass spectrometry (which separates ions based on mass and charge) provides simplified spectra for structural elucidation, and at the same time generates collision cross-section (CCS) values. This combination provides additional matrix independent information and enables three-point identification of target analytes (RT, m/z, and CCS). The increased selectivity gained by incorporating ion mobility into high-resolution mass spectrometry experiments improves both quantitative and qualitative results. This article describes how the latest improvements in technology enable ion mobility to enhance high-resolution MS acquisitions, whether in MS, MS/MS or MRM modes of operation, and outlines just how usable the latest generation of ion mobility-mass spectrometry is, from instrument setup to using the data in routine workflows, rapidly turning data into knowledge. To view the on-demand webinar click here

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