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NuGenesisラボラトリーデータ管理システム - PIC/S・CSV対応電子実験ノート

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PREMIER Biosoft International

  • Partnering product: SimGlycan for glycan analysis

PREMIER Biosoft is a leading bioinformatics company offering software products and services to government agencies, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology companies and academia across the globe. From highly evolved design and analysis tools to custom bioinformatics software development and bioinformatics consulting, PREMIER Biosoft has been the preferred choice of life scientists worldwide for more than 15 years.

One the company's leading products is SimGlycan, an innovative MS/MS data analysis tool. SimGlycan predicts the glycan structure, scores it, and generates a list of probable glycans that closely match the given MS profile. Both glycopeptide and released glycan profiles are supported.

For more information, go to //www.premierbiosoft.com/glycan/index.html