HPLC Sample Management

From HPLC sample aspiration and injection to fraction collection, Waters provides easy-to-use sample management options.

2707 Autosampler A comprehensive, flexible autosampler that manages the injection of samples from both microtiter plates and/or vials. It can be also be configured for biocompatible or preparative scale injections.
Sample Manager 3767 (Iniettore/Collettore) Il Sample Manager 3767 esegue il processamento dei campioni ad alta capacità e gestisce in modo semplice e automatico l'iniezione simultanea, la raccolta delle frazioni dei picchi e l'analisi delle frazioni su una singola piattaforma HPLC o LC-MS.
2777 Sample Manager A versatile sample manager that provides fast, accurate injections for high-throughput HPLC and MS applications.
Manual Injector Kit A stand-alone version of Rheodyne's sample injector for analytical HPLC systems offering 11 interchangeable loops for flexibility and precision.

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