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Waters OpenAccess Lab: access LC and LC-MS instrumentation on a fee-for-time basis at Campus Solna, Sweden

As part of our strategic effort to provide our customers with innovation in research and analytical measurement technologies, we are proud to offer a brand new easy-to-use infrastructure for Waters LC and LC-MS instrumentation to students, researchers and entrepreneurs, based on a fee-for-time/service/sample basis.

Located in our headquarters at Campus Solna, Sweden, this facility gives a fast and direct access to laboratory space, a broad selection of instruments and specialized supporting staff without large investments. A wonderful asset in line with our strategy to ease access to knowledge, expertise and capabilities.



scientists working in Waters lab on Waters Acquity

Supporting science that will advance human health and well-being

Scientists on the site will gain access to cost-effective cutting edge analytical technologies which underpin modern life and health science research. Being close to a world leading medical university, Karolinska Institutet, and one of the world's most advanced hospitals, Karolinska University Hospital, Campus Solna is a perfect base for sheltering this facility. It is also a hub of companies engaged in cutting edge and diverse research and development. Close engagement with companies using the facility will give Waters a deeper insight into their needs and challenges.

Meet your Waters customer success team

Experienced Scientists are working in the lab to provide you Mass Spectrometry and Chromatography applications consultation and support. They are here to help you:

  • Define Solutions - We will work together with you to find the best system solution for your application needs
  • Training - We can design focused training plans for you and your staff
  • Continuous Support - We will act as a supporting partner, helping you achieve results that the system was intended for, optimising your return on investment potentials
  • Innovative Solutions - With our experienced support we can help you create innovative solutions that drive your business forward, minimising your implementation and deployment risks and total cost of ownership


scientists working in Waters lab on Waters Acquity


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Waters' OpenAccess Lab: an asset for students, scientists and startup companies



Waters OpenAccess Lab
Nanna Svartz väg 6A, 171 65 Solna, Sweden
+46 8 555 115 00




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