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Highly Polar Anionic Pesticides: Analyze without the need to derivatize

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Waters unique direct method offers retention without derivatization, separation power that avoids false detections and run times below 20 minutes.

Discover our 2019 performance enhancements in MS detection power and application specific column chemistry for Anionic Polar Pesticides


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The resource kit includes:
  • Webinar: Bringing Reliable Determination of Polar Pesticides in Food to the Routine Laboratory
  • Brochure: Anionic Polar Pesticides. Overcoming the challenges for routine testing
  • Technology Brief: Determination of Anionic Polar Pesticides in High Water Foodstuffs:
    - See proof of performance for the Xevo TQ-S micro, a small footprint, routine-level tandem quadrupole, to meet the default MRLs for key representative compounds.
  • Application Note: Determination of Chlorate and Perchlorate in Infant Milk Using a Waters BEH DEA Column and UPLC-MS/MS:
    Discover an alternative analytical method which is suitable for both official control and food business operators’ due diligence testing.

  • Anionic Polar Pesticide Column:
    - This new column contains application-specific column chemistry to provide quick, reproducible testing methods for highly anionic polar pesticides in agriculture products and finished foods.
  • Xevo TQ-S micro:
    - Enhanced in 2019 to feature new performance enhancements for anionic pesticides in food. This tandem quadrupole instrument has a small footprint that delivers consistent low levels of quantitation with a wide dynamic range.




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