Waters ofrece una gran variedad de tubos, conectores, conexiones de columna y recambios para columnas y cartuchos. Puede encontrar información sobre todos los accesorios y hardware cromatográficos, entre los que se incluyen los conectores SLIPFREE®, los conectores de PEEK™, tubos, filtros de eluyentes, jeringas SGE y Kloehn, así como los datos para procesar el pedido en el Catálogo de piezas, columnas y accesorios para cromatografía.

Tubing A general tubing selection for LC applications, constructed from stainless steel, PTFE/ETFE, or PEEK. The tubing o.d. and i.d. meets the design requirement for liquid chromatography instrument applications.
Fittings A range of chromatography fittings that consists of stainless steel and PEEK compression screws, ferrules, unions, and tees for replacement or additional instrumentation plumbing needs.
Mobile Phase Filters An offering of mobile phase filters for LC, designed to go on the inlet end of mobile phase or as a filter prior to the LC pump.
Guard Hardware A selection of guard columns and cartridges that protect the analytical column. The guard cartridges require holders for inline operation. They drop into the holders and are plumbed in line operation.
Radial Compression Accessories and spare parts for Waters radial compression modules. Use with 5mm & 8mm i.d. X 100mm long Radial-Pak™ column segments, 25mm & 40mm i.d. x 100mm long PrepLC™ columns segments, and 47mm & 57mm i.d. x 300mm long PrepPak® cartridges.
Gas Chromatography Packings Pora-Pak™ packings for analysis of complex compounds. Polymer beads feature consistent size, porosity, and surface area to guarantee reproducibility. They provide great separation capacity, high resolution and low, constant retention volumes.
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