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The combined solution of Omics LLC's PetroOrg Petroleomics Software and Waters SYNAPT G2-Si delivers time saving performance, enhanced results and comprehensive data for chemical composition characterization of petroleum.

Waters and Omics LLC make it possible to effortlessly access and correlate accurate mass and ion mobility information derived from Waters’ SYNAPT HDMS for petroleum compounds. By bringing together Waters unique ion-mobility-high-resolution mass spectrometry platform with PetroOrg Petroleomics Software, analytical chemists can easily and quickly classify petroleum samples by chemical composition.

Omics LLC specializes in advanced characterization of petroleum and other complex mixtures through acquisition, integration, validation, and visualization of complex data sets across multiple analytical platforms, including high-resolution mass spectrometry, gas and liquid chromatography, and ion mobility. Omics offers analytical service, data analysis software, and consulting.

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