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Partnering product:

  • HORIZON LIMS for NuGenesis® SDMS

ChemWare’s HORIZON LIMS resolves workflow issues by integrating the scientific data produced by NuGenesis® SDMS. HORIZON uses the SDMS print-to-database electronic data capture technique to collect and index output from any instrument or data generator capable of printing. A text-searchable, vector-scalable image is aggregated with pertinent metadata and automatically related to a wide variety of LIMS objects such as batches, samples, clients, and procedures. All images are stored in a secure, indexed and web-based Oracle database.

HORIZON LIMS enables labs to:

  • Automate instrument report capture from anywhere in the enterprise
  • Interface instruments to LIMS via XML
  • Relate images to LIMS entities for rapid retrieval
  • Capture paper-based external test requisitions, airbills, and chain-of-custody records
  • Automate assembly and electronic transmission of highly complex, multi-component data reports

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