Waters Education Subscriptions​

Waters Education Subscriptions allow customers to easily budget for 12 months of training in a variety of modes - eLearning, Remote Instructor-Led Training, On-site Training, or Regional Classroom Training. ​


With Waters Education Subscriptions, customers can purchase training packages in 12-month increments that are fully customizable to meet the specific training needs for each company.

Customers can choose to receive training on any product within our Waters portfolio including instruments, informatics, and chemistry/consumables.​


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Subscription Packages

*Regional classes limited to six participants.
**Onsite classes limited to 10 for CDS, six for instruments.

These tiered subscriptions can be purchased as part of a new instrument sale, part of a service plan renewal, or as a stand-alone purchase. Once purchased, they can be renewed annually, and the amount of training can be increased or decreased based on the company's requirements.​

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